Millie Goes to the Movies: The Post | 米莉愛看電影:「郵報:密戰」

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Today I went to see The Post, Steven Spielberg’s new film starring powerhouse actors Meryl Streep and Tom Hanks. Given such an amazing director and cast, it almost goes without saying that the film was great.

The Post follows the true story of The Washington Post and its decision to publish the Pentagon Papers despite severe pushback from the US government including then-president, Nixon. It is also a tale of feminism, as the decision to publish rested on the shoulders of Kay Graham, the first female newspaper publisher in the US. Facing pressure from not only powerful political figures but also all the men on her newspaper board, Graham grappled with self-doubt and fear as she put everything she had on the line in order to break the truth the American people deserved to know.

After watching the film, I was particularly moved by the courage with which Graham and the journalists of The Washington Post acted. It must have been so difficult to do the right thing in this situation, given how powerful the opposition was and all the other risks associated – the newspaper could be shut down, leading to many people losing their livelihoods, and Graham could have served time in prison. But Graham and her team didn’t let circumstances or people intimidate them into compromising their integrity. As people looking back on history, we know that, plot spoiler: things ended well for The Washington Post, but the people at the time didn’t know if things would end well, yet they still bravely did the right thing.

I don’t know how much courage I would have if placed in a similar situation, but I hope if such a time ever comes, I will always make the right decision no matter the odds or opposition. And I just want to say thank you – thank you to all the Grahams, journalists, and whistleblowers out there, for it is through your courage and integrity that there is some truth and justice in this world.



《郵報:密戰》是一部由真人真事為主軸的電影,講述美國《華盛頓郵報》 決定報導五角大廈有關越戰的機密文件時來自美國政府的威脅與恐嚇。 除此以外,故事也牽涉到當時女權平等的議題,因為帶領《華盛頓郵報》發布這項報導的關鍵人物是凱瑟琳·葛蘭姆(梅莉·史翠普 飾演),她是美國第一位女性報社發行人。她雖然活在一個女權不平等的時代,時常面對來自異性的欺壓與藐視,也曾經因此懷疑自己是否有能力面對眼前的考驗,但她最終還是決定擺上一切,向美國人揭露事實的真相。

看完這部電影,讓我最震撼的是葛蘭姆和《華盛頓郵報》記者們的勇敢。他們雖然面對著強大的壓力,但在道德和良知上他們仍然不作出任何妥協,堅持做對的事。就算付出報社可能會倒閉, 葛蘭姆可能會去坐牢的代價,他們仍然堅持初衷,絕不更改。


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